How To Set Goals For 2022: Actually Achieve Them

How To Set Goals For 2022: Actually Achieve Them

2021 has finally come to a close, and New Year resolutions are running rampant through all corners of the world. Celebrations are over (you deserved it!), and it's time to start preparing for some positive changes for the better. All resolution makers are thinking about their goals, wondering whether or not they will actually achieve don't have to be one of them!

We're here to help you visualize your goals and set yourself up for success in the new year. Here are some simple yet essential tips you need to know in order to set goals for 2022 and actually achieve them! By implementing these strategies (along with a bit of self-love and patience), you'll be on your journey to making your new year's dreams a reality.


Review Your Previous Year.


Goals become more challenging to achieve as life progresses; dreams may change, and specific goals we set out to accomplish might shift. Therefore, the best way to start is to be honest with yourself and review your previous year.

Take a look back at the last year and ask yourself, "What types of goals did I set that resulted in feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment? Why did these goals give me feelings of happiness?" Go over and review each goal you set. Write down all the reasons you relished those goals. And, if anything prevented you from achieving said goals, work out what happened and what you can do differently this time around.

Think about how you can apply these learnings to your future goals. Your newfound insight and willingness to improve from last year's pursuits will allow you to set realistic goals and create a clear plan on how to achieve them. 


Break This Year Down Into Smaller Segments.

We get it; looking at the year ahead can seem daunting. If that bears true for you, fear not. Break this year down into smaller segments so you can focus on one step at a time and achieve your goals with ease!

Maybe, for now, it can be to go hiking once a week for the next month; realistic. Or, for others, this may be to try the keto diet for a month and then sugar-free for the following month.

Regardless of what you choose, by breaking down your year into smaller segments you'll avoid procrastination and the unwanted fears of failure. When setting your goals, make sure they are broken into digestible, achievable timelines - this way, you can foster a sense of motivation as you gradually see your goals become a reality.


Go Beyond The Surface Of Your Thoughts.

Please take a moment and think about why you want to set resolutions and how they will add value to your life. Someone, for example, could set the resolution of consuming electrolytes every morning for a month in order to clearly see their benefits. Whether they're looking for increased hydration or ways to avoid fatigue and brain fog, adding electrolytes to your daily routine could be a huge game changer. Reflect on your thoughts and dive deep into what you need for personal betterment. 

It may be challenging to start with, but it will payout in the end. Give them some thought - it's time to be serious and truthful with oneself. Scribbled a quick list? You'll be able to toss them just as quickly as you wrote them down. If you focus on what would genuinely add value to your life, you'll be far more likely to follow through. Go beyond the surface of your thoughts and find out what you truly desire.


Build Supportive Habits & Routines.

All it takes is a few proactive steps to set yourself up for success. If you're trying to consume electrolytes each day, leave a tall pre-mixed glass in the fridge each night, so you can wake up and enjoy it instantly. You can take it one step further and subscribe to a recurring delivery of your favorite products - so you don't have to worry about running out! Get it delivered straight to your door and never miss a day of your routine; you get the idea. Without a strong foundation to support your endeavors, your objectives will be far more challenging to achieve.

Create a blueprint for yourself to follow. By implementing supportive habits and routines into your daily life, you'll be able to focus on achieving the goals that matter most! 

Routines help achieve goals because they provide a structure for our day. This structure allows us to be more organized and focused, which in turn helps us achieve our objectives.


Buddy Up.

At times, we may feel overwhelmed and attempt to go at it alone. This can be detrimental to your goals because you'll lack the accountability and support to get done what you set out to do. What's even worse? You'll most likely give up and throw in the towel after a few days or weeks, which makes you even more discouraged.

You need a support system that will keep you motivated and on track to reach your objectives. Find a friend who's also attempting to achieve new goals, so that you can encourage one another throughout each week.

But what if there isn't anyone around you who wants to take up the challenge with you? Ask your personal or professional contacts whether they're willing to help keep you accountable and on track. 


Final Thoughts.

To set goals and actually achieve them, it's essential to review your previous year, break them down into smaller segments, go beyond the surface of your thoughts, and build supportive habits and routines. Additionally, buddy up with someone who will keep you accountable and on track! There are several ways to reach your objectives - but remember to be realistic about them. Remember, you are your most important commitment and most significant asset…invest in yourself!

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