hydration by keppi.

We specialize in hydration & recovery - creating products that result in a better, happier you. We’re here to fuel your wellness journey with natural, delicious products that actually work.

Say goodbye to fatigue, brain fog, cramps & hello to total body hydration. Through daily use of our electrolytes, we strive to leave you feeling hydrated, energized, focused & ready to conquer anything life holds.

electrolytes, done right.

Our scientifically backed formula is made entirely of natural components and flavors, containing no artificial flavoring or fillers. Our perfected combination of Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, and Trace Minerals provides your body with everything you need to perform and feel your absolute best.

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  • potassium

    Supports and enhances nerve and muscle function. Regulates fluid balance and encourages a steady heartbeat.

  • magnesium

    Crucial for many processes in the body, including increasing energy, muscle recovery, and protein formation.

  • sodium

    Both an electrolyte and mineral, plays a key role in optimal body function, helps sustain cellular fluid levels and balance.

  • calcium

    Essential to building and maintaining strong bones, stabilizes and ensures proper heart, muscle and nerve function.

  • rebecca


    This product is a game changer!

    "I chose this product because of the ingredients...no sugar, no artificial sweetener or artificial colors. Would recommend to anyone - thank you Keppi!! You ROCK!!"

  • kayla



    "I feel amazing, this really has helped my mood and my cravings. I will definitely continue to use this product. Definitely worth your money."

  • leah


    Miracle in a bottle

    "I bought this, Liquid IV, and Nuun to compare the 3. To me, it is without a doubt the best tasting electrolyte supplement of the 3. I highly recommend this"

  • jason


    Same ingredients as Dr. Berg's, but cheaper/more servings!

    "This is MUCH cheaper (by about $7 bucks), includes 5 more servings, and otherwise tastes virtually the same. This product is just as good and a great price!"