Summer Festival Essentials

Summer Festival Essentials

Now that you've planned your summer festival schedule, it's time to start packing. Whether you're going to Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, or Rolling Loud, even the most seasoned festival visitors may miss something or two while packing personal fashion outfits and supplies for road journeys or long flights. There are many things to pack for a festival. Still, there are many other, smaller things (including a first aid kit and a hydration kit) that are super useful as you traverse miles-long grounds and sandy or muddy terrain but can easily be forgotten to pack.


1. Power bank

Power banks are a festival goer’s best friend. You never know when your phone is going to die, especially if you use it for recording moments and taking pictures at the same time! Invest in one with enough juice to last through any event so that there are no hassles trying to find an electric outlet or waiting on someone else who may have their own power supply unit (PSU). We would recommend getting something around 20000mAh because some phones might need a bit more juice or because you might need to charge it multiple times during your festival stay, or even if you can grab a solar-powered one, so you are thoroughly prepared!



We can't think of anything better than a nice, golden tan. But we know that the harmful UV rays are not good for our skin and could cause damage if you're out in the sunlight all day long!  So, pack a good, reliable SPF 50 that is water and sweat resistant and keeps you safe as long as possible. It also helps keep your skin hydrated! We also suggest packing some lip balm with high levels of protection because it helps protect against chapping up too much on your lips from drying out faster than usual during summer festivals!


2. Polarized Sunglasses & Hat

We know we might sound like your parents, but it is essential to be as protected as possible against the sun. Polarized glasses help reduce the glare from horizontal surfaces like water or certain metals. You don’t want to hurt your eyes because the mic stand was glaring in your eyes the entire time. Wearing a hat is also beneficial because it can give you that extra bit of shade and an extra bit of eye protection!


3. Hydration pack & Hydration mix

We can’t stress this enough! You need to ensure you stay hydrated during summer! The heat and constant movement make you lose fluids and electrolytes much faster than usual, making it much easier to dehydrate and stand the risk of fainting or getting heat stroke. Invest in a hydration pack that you can carry effortlessly wherever you go, such as the Mountain Designs Hydration backpack. This lightweight backpack has a 10L capacity and a 3L hydration bladder and weighs only 1.45 pounds. Another critical aspect of staying hydrated is packing a convenient electrolyte supplement with your hydration backpack. Our supplements have the most convenient stick packs, perfect for packing into your bumbag or in the extra compartments of your hydration bag. They're super delicious supplements and are full of electrolytes your body needs, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, with the bonus of being sugar-free!


4. After-Sun

Since this is a high possibility, you don’t want to stay in your tent for the remainder of the festival with horrible sunburn. Taking along an after-sun care lotion, specifically with Aloe Vera, helps soothe and nourish irritated skin and prevent peeling. It can also be used to preserve your tan (if you were lucky enough to get a tan).


5. First Aid Kit & blister bandages

Accidents happen; it’s, unfortunately, part of the festival-going experience. Having a neat and compact first aid kit stored in your tent, backpack, or bum bag is excellent for dealing with minor scrapes, cuts, or other small injuries. As another precaution, be sure to add blister bandages to your kit, especially if you plan to be on your feet all weekend. These bad boys will help keep your feet comfortable.

7. Camping Chair or Lounger

Cliq's small camping chair can handle up to 300 pounds and takes only five seconds to put up, making it ideal for festival comfort. It also folds up into the size of a water bottle, making it easy to store in your bag.


If that doesn’t match your vibe, there are always the stylish Chillbo Shwaggins air loungers. They come in an array of different patterns, are super easy to inflate, and are amazingly comfy, making them perfect for relaxing in! They come with their carry bag and anchor and are lightweight. Stylish and comfortable, these loungers are bound to get some heads turning your way!


8. Cooling Spray

Whether the festival is in Florida or Death Valley, it’s important to have a good face mist around. Face mists can cool you down when you need them the most and can keep your skin hydrated too! If you’re smart when buying, a good face mist can double up as a toner, make-up setting spray, or a mid-fest skin energizer.


Festival packing is no joke, but with a little bit of organization and some preparation, you can make sure that you have everything you need to have the time of your life. Make sure to have fun, be safe, and keep hydrated in the summer sun! You can always refer to this essentials list, so make sure you bookmark it, so you never forget your sunscreen or electrolyte supplement again! Also, take a look at this master list of festival essentials, so no matter what, you're ultra prepared!
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