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  • BOOSTS ENERGY AND MENTAL CLARITY - Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT Oil is a perfect keto diet supplement to give yourself the energy boost and mental focus to power through the day.* Experience the power of ketosis by using quality fats for fuel in a low-carb state.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND DIGESTION - A tablespoon of MCT Oil crushes those food cravings and ensures you get the good fats to help your body achieve ketosis - the process where your body burns fat for energy. MCTs also aid in digestion and immune function. You'll love feeling that keto high.
  • ODORLESS & TASTELESS – Our MCT Oil is both odorless and tasteless, so you can use our fractionated coconut oil in almost all your keto food and drinks. From your morning bulletproof coffee to salad dressings, sauces, smoothies and more. Add some MCT into your keto diet and experience the energy boost and laser focus.
  • SOURCED FROM 100% NON-GMO COCONUTS - Our MCT is made from premium C8 and C10 MCTs. Our Coconuts are hand-picked and 3rd party tested for quality and purity, because what you put into your body matters. Our manufacturing facilities are GMP and FDA registered and we definitely do not use any MCTs sourced from Palm Oil.
  • 90-DAY HAPPINESS ASSURED -  We're massive keto evangelists that have seen tremendous results from using MCT Oil on a daily basis. If you don't see results within 90 days, simply return your product for a full refund, no questions asked. Kickstart your keto diet, CLICK ADD TO CART TODAY.
Coconut Oil, Only Supercharged

Keppi Keto MCT Oil, made from 100% coconut oil, contains Medium Chain Triglycerides. These naturally occurring healthy fats are small and easily metabolized, making them an exceptional source of energy. This promotes healthy weight maintenance and improved mental focus for enhanced performance. MCT Oil is also ideal for oil pulling. Because coconut oil has antibacterial properties, Keppi Keto’s concentrated formula may also aid in reparative processes at all cellular levels, supporting improved cardiovascular function and cognitive acuity. With your body operating at peak performance, you’ll be able to kick butt all day.

An easy addition to recipes

Because it is completely odorless and flavorless, our MCT Oil can be added to healthy smoothies, bulletproof coffee and salads for improved focus and energy all day long. Be conservative with portions if you are new to using MCT Oil as it may initially cause upset stomach. Take 1 teaspoon 1-3 times daily. Keppi Keto MCT Oil has a 24-month shelf life from date of manufacture and should be kept in a cool, dark and dry environment in its original container. Keppi Keto MCT Oil is certified gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and paleo friendly.

Try Keppi Keto MCT Oil risk-free

We use only the highest-quality ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing processes to produce Keppi Keto MCT Oil. If our product does not perform to your expectations, return it within 30 days to receive a full refund.

Supercharge your day the all-natural way. Add Keppi Keto MCT Oil to your cart today.

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