Keppi Berberine capsules for lower blood sugar and boosting metabolism


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  • BERBERINE FOR A HEALTHIER BODY - Our maximum strength Berberine supplement provides a 1200mg dose that has been shown to boost glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar. In addition to alleviating the ill effects of high blood sugar, Berberine is also effective in enhancing mental focus and concentration, memory, immune support and promotes heart and gastrointestinal health. See for yourself why Berberine has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for more than 3000 years.
  • AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF BERBERINE - Keppi Berberine is made with the strongest 1200mg dose of Berberine Hydrochloride which has been widely researched and shown to be most easily absorbed by the body. Our vegan Berberine complex has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure that can result in chest pains, heart attacks and the risk of strokes. Berberine is also effective in reducing the health risks of Type 2 Diabetes and those suffering from IBS, SIBO and PCOS.
  • BERBERINE, YOUR METABOLIC ACTIVATOR - Many people use Berberine to aid immune function, intestinal support, heart health, cholesterol and as a diabetes supplement. It acts as an AMPK activator. Berberine activates AMPK, an enzyme that controls the way energy is produced. When AMPK, your metabolic master switch, is turned on, it helps normalize lipid, glucose, and energy imbalances, bringing the body back to homeostasis by shifting energy to maintain and repair.
  • TASTELESS AND EASY TO SWALLOW BERBERINE 1200mg- Where many sellers offer 500mg Berberine, our 600mg capsules provide the strongest 1200mg serving ensuring you get the most benefit from taking a Berberine supplement. 00 size capsules are tasteless and easily swallowed. Our Berberine complex is manufactured in an FDA registered facility here in the USA that is GMP compliant. We never use any artificial ingredients, binders, fillers, chemicals or preservatives. All-natural, non-GMO Berberine.
  • 100% COMMITMENT TO HAPPY CUSTOMERS We take customer happiness seriously at Keppi which is why we offer the maximum strength 1200mg dose and 150 capsules per bottle, so you get the best value with a 75 day supply. If you aren't fully satisfied as a customer or don't feel the benefits of our max strength Berberine, we'll refund your purchase with no hassles. Try our Berberine and see for yourself why this all-natural supplement has been used in ancient medicine for more than 3000 years.
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