How Ketosis Turns Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine

Ketosis is when a carb-starved body tells its liver to burn stored fat by transforming fatty acids into an organic compound known as a ketone. 

Now that you’re in a state of ketosis, you’re burning body fat instead of glucose, which –you guessed it–leads to rapid weight loss. By cutting down on carbs and replacing them with calories sourced from healthy fats, you become what we like to call “keto-adapted.” In a nutshell, you’re much more efficient at burning fat and, consequently, losing weight.

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A Natural Way to Lose Weight

Although it might sound like a bit of a “body hack,” ketosis is a completely natural way of losing weight. 

Humans have only had a steady food supply in recent years. In olden times, it wouldn’t be uncommon to go a few days between meals. And when we lacked the carbs to convert into glucose, our livers would snap us into a state of ketosis to keep us energized until we found our next meal. In that sense, ketosis goes way back to the dawn of time. 

The beautiful thing about the modern keto diet is that we don’t have to starve ourselves to start losing weight. All we have to do is cut out the carbs and replace them with wholesome foods that are high in healthy fats. 

And by complementing the diet with specially formulated Keppi supplements, you can elevate your body’s natural fat-burning engine to the extreme.

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Let’s break it down to the bare basics: cutting carbs forces you to use stored fat for energy in a metabolic state called ketosis. And when complemented with the right Keppi supplements, your humble body will become a powerhouse fat-burning machine.

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